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Damaged video tapes

We can fix and transfer your damaged video tape to DVD or MP4 for viewing on your computer. Repairs are at your own risk/loss.  Please note that if tapes are found to be in very poor condition Luv2Edit has the right to refuse to attempt to make any copies.

By post
We only assume responsibility for your tapes when actually arrive. If you want your old VHS tapes returned there will be a cost.

Non Returns
Any tapes, media or equipment that are not picked-up or returned to the owner will be disposed of one month after a follow-up email or text from luv2edit to the original customer.

Mould and Mildew
ould and mildew is now becoming a big problem as tapes disintegrate over time. The signs show as a white covering on the tape reels. Sever cases need sterilisation either through irradiation or cleaned in an oxygen vacuum using swansdown wipe, which is a lint-free cloth. Mouldy tapes are bagged up and returned to the customer.

Pick-up and drop-off 10+

If you live locally we are happy to pick-up and drop-off media, alternatively you can personally drop-off and pick up from our address. If tapes are posted it is the client's responsibility to ensure that the tapes arrive at Luv2Edit in good condition and that adequate insurance cover for delivery to Luv2Edit is in place.


Please note that we do not transfer copyright videos. Copyright videos will be returned without being transferred at the customers expense.


We observe data protection laws.


We observe covid-19 safety rules.

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